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"Heatherland and bent-land -
Black land and white,
God bring me to Northumberland,
The land of my delight."
W. W. Gibson

Hello and welcome to my website.
 I created this simple site mainly to allow access for friends to my wildlife cctv cameras and the weather data which I collect.
The cameras can cover any species which takes my fancy from the red squirrels which visit the garden to solitary bees and of course the bird boxes during the nesting season.

Looking southeast to Barhaugh Common on the distant horizon

Blue Tit Box
The female Blue Tit  laid six eggs which all hatched. Today, 7th June, five chicks left the nest. The remaining one died during brooding.
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Red Squirrel Video Clips. (updated 10/6/14) .

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Bird Video Clips. (updated 23/05/14, spotted flycatcher)

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Tawny Owl Video Clips. (updated 29/7/14)

Table Feeder.

Tawny Owl Box

In 2014, there was no early breeding but by late June a female was brooding three young owls in the box. The last one left the nest overnight 23rd July.

This year, 2015, a female began sitting on 3 eggs in early May. Unfortunately only one hatched and the young one left the nest early on 27th June.


Getting ready to leave home late July 2014.


Feeders/Nests (not currently available)


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Tawny Owl Young